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Race Schedule

2018 Race Schedule

Updates to race schedule will be posted on this page and sent to team captains. Final schedule will be distributed at the Paddler Briefing Friday, Sept 7th. 

Remember, the schedule gives "in the boat, on the water" times. Teams need to go to the marshaling area approximately 45 minutes prior to race time.  All team members are expected to be present when the team is called for marshaling since it takes time to line up, check PFD's, rosters, etc.  ALL PADDLERS SHOULD REPORT TO THE TEAM TENT AT LEAST ONE HOUR PRIOR TO FIRST RACE TIME. 

When estimating the next race time, marshal your team 3 races ahead of your race number (i.e. Race #12 on the water means Race #15 should be heading to the marshaling area).  When checking on the status of your team's next race, pay attention to what heat numbers are being called rather than your scheduled race time.  The race schedule is subject to change due to weather and other causes - your actual race times may be earlier or later than what is posted on the schedule.  Check with the marshaling staff for schedule updates.

Paddles Up!